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Dieting while on a business travel


Travelling for business became part of our life but dieting away from home is a challenge. In most hotels, we recommend that you opt for a simple breakfast made of a hardboiled egg with vegetables that are allowed on the diet at the correct weight. Taking with you your small kitchen scales or purchasing traveler’s food scales could become very handy. Following is a simple “menu” one can follow while away from home.

Breakfast ideas:
Hardboiled egg or an omelete made with very little oil (using PAM) with vegetables (lettuce, cucumbers, half a tomato, fresh mushrooms, celery stick and the likes at your calculated weight).


Lunch / Dinner ideas:  
Lean steak (your calculated weight of raw meat) with vegetables (your calculated weight). Steak_000003770688XSmall.jpg
Grilled Chicken breast (your calculated weight of raw chicken breast) with vegetables (your calculated weight). chicken-262945.jpg
Grilled fish (your calculated weight of raw fish) with vegetables (your calculated weight). Fish_000005219163XSmall.jpg
Fruit (from the list of your allowed fruit)



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