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Holiday with the family


We strongly recommend postponing any plans for a family vacation until after your diet is complete, or starting the diet after the holiday. Holiday resorts are not an ideal location for a diet :)  However, if the plan cannot be changed – please follow your diet the best that you can under the circumstances and avoid any forbidden foods. Following are some meal ideas while away from home.

Breakfast ideas:
Hardboiled egg or an omelete made with very little oil (using PAM) with vegetables (lettuce, cucumbers, half a tomato, fresh mushrooms, celery stick and the likes at your calculated weight).


Lunch / Dinner ideas:  
Lean steak (your calculated weight of raw meat) with vegetables (your calculated weight). Steak_000003770688XSmall.jpg
Grilled Chicken breast (your calculated weight of raw chicken breast) with vegetables (your calculated weight). chicken-262945.jpg
Grilled fish (your calculated weight of raw fish) with vegetables (your calculated weight). Fish_000005219163XSmall.jpg
Fruit (from the list of your allowed fruit)



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