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Dr. Cohen Friendly Kitchen


We all know how tempting it is to keep  snacks stashed in our pantry, and for this reason alone – please get rid of all ‘snacks’ and junk food when you start your diet. If you have other family members at home that wish to have these snacks you may want to minimize the number of these snacks at home to ensure that you will not get tempted :)  

Please ensure that the foods you eat on the diet are indeed suitable for the diet. The weight of the foods is for fresh / raw food. No deli food or cooked food to be purchased.  Please make sure that the low-fat cheese and yogurt you buy has no more than 2% fat.  To calculate the fat percentage, divide the ‘Total fat’ by the weight of the serving.


No forbidden 'snacks' in the house. No use of alcohol, sugar and any food not listed on your diet.


Use accurate kirchen scales to weigh your food
Go by the rules and use only the foods allowed on your diet. rules.jpg
Use only dairy products with max 2% fat. Always check to ensure that Total Fat / Serving Size is 2% or less.



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