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Eating out and socializing while on the diet

Being on a diet does not mean that you are locked home with your diet food. However, it does require you to be in control of your food intake. We recommend going out after you had your diet meal with a piece of fruit and a couple of crackers as snacks. Drinking water, coffee and tea (black), and eating your snacks should pass the time. Please remember that any deviation will set you back for days.

Obviously, going to a romantic diner is not the best idea while on a diet but this can also be fixed if you have the Chef's cooperation serving you preciesly your Dr. Cohen meal you ordered in advance. If you cannot arrange a Cohen meal the second best option would be to order the food as appers on your diet and to estimate the quantities you should eat. Please avoid alcohol and any forbidden foods.

Lean steak, Grilled chicken breast, Grilled fish for protein and a green salad with no sauce or steamed vegetables. These choices using the weight allowed on the diet may cause the minimal deviation from your diet.

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