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How to stick to your diet


After the glory of the first few days on the diet and while fighting the urge to check your weight (not allowed on this diet unless asked to do so) – the temptation grows to deviation from the diet.

    • The first rule is to stick to your diet as much as you can and avoid forbidden foods.
    • Avoid checking your weight as this proved to be one of the biggest reasons to fail.
    • Clear your pantry from forbidden foods.
    • Cook variety of meals to add interest to your diet.
    • Spoil yourself with fancy meals such as adding to your breakfast low-fat yogurt slices of fruit (from your daily fruit allowance), crumbs of crackers (from your daily crackers allowance), and sprinkle all this with cinnamon and sweetener. Look through Dr. Cohen’s Cookbook for more ideas :)
    • Place a photo of yourself before the weight gain on the door of your fridge.
    • Check our facebook and instegram for photos of successful dieters.
    • Contact your consultant with any questions any time you wish to get support and help.




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