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Losing weight in a stressful world Where is this diet available?

The foods used on Dr. Cohen’s Diet

The stress of living in the 21st century includes keeping a balance of your personal life, career, kids, spouse, business travel, etc, <read more> Dr. Cohen’s Diet is available worldwide. You can take it online using your laptop or mobile device using our App ‘1st Personal Diet’ that you can download free from Google Play or the AppStore. <read more>

We use regular foods that can be found at your nearest grocery store. No special and expensive foods, no tonics, pills, and no hidden costs. <read more>

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Dieting while on a business travel Holiday with the family Dr. Cohen's friendly kitchen
Travelling for business became part of our life but dieting away from home is a challenge. In most hotels, we recommend that you opt for <read more> We recommend postponing any plans for a family vacation until after your diet is complete, or starting the diet after the holiday. Holiday <read more> We all know how tempting it is to keep  snacks stashed in our pantry, and for this reason alone – please get rid of all ‘snacks’ and junk food when you <read more>
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Keep variety and save time in cooking Eating out and socializing while on the diet

Business lunch while on the diet

Not all of us have the time to cook daily but we want our food to be tasty and appealing. We recommend utilizing the Recipe Book provided with the diet as well as Dr. Cohen’s 200-page Cookbook <read more> Being on a diet does not mean that you are locked home with your diet food. However, it does require you to be in control of your food intake. We recommend going out after you <read more> It is time again for that business lunch with a client or with your associates and you cannot possibly stare at your client while she or he is eating. We recommend planning your meal in advance <read more>


How to stick to your diet

Where to start?


After the glory of the first few days on the diet and while fighting the urge to check your weight (not allowed on this diet unless asked to do so) – the temptation grows to deviation from the diet. <read more>

The first step is the free registration at our website www.1stPersonalDiet.com Once approved by Dr. Cohen, we will send you by email the payment link followed by the blood test information. <read more>






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