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FREE Privacy Policy

We collect information from you when you register on our site, send us messages or fill out the registration form. The information you send us will be used to create your personal diet and reply your questions in the best way. We never provide anyone with your information outside our organization but we may forward your registration details to one of Dr. Cohen’s Clinics in order for that clinic to contact you regarding your diet.

Refunds and returns Policy

No refund is provided after we send your diet and no returns are requested.


The currency we use for all transactions worldwide is the US Dollar.

Delivery Policy

For online customers: Your diet information will be available to you through your secured personal page. The link, ID and password will be sent to you by email once your diet is ready. Clinic customers will receive the diet information at the clinic.

Cookies and Social Media Policy

Cookies are used for general statistics infomration by the website administrator. Third-parties cookies may be used by our third-party service providers and social media we use to report usage statistics of the Service, deliver advertisements on and through the Service, and so on. If you’d like to delete cookies or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies, please visit the help pages of your web browser.

General Terms and Conditions

The dietary advice and suggested eating program provided to me by Dr Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet Center are recommended by Dr R. Cohen who is a registered medical practitioner in South Africa. The personal information I have supplied is true and complete, and is critical to the advice I will receive through Dr Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet Center. I hereby authorize the pathologists / laboratory to issue a copy of my blood test results to Dr Cohen and to the 1st Personal Diet Center. I understand that I am responsible to pay for the blood draw service directly and that this payment is not included in the fee paid to the 1st Personal Diet. I further acknowledge that the abovementioned blood tests are to be used for compilation or update of my personalized eating program.

I understand that this is a program which is based on my blood test results and that I will need to take an initial blood test in order to get the diet program as well as a repeat blood test during the 12 weeks program in order to check for the need for updates to my program. Although the success of this program is proven, people are different in their metabolism and some might experience weight loss, which is slower than the average in the presentation or the website. Therefore, Dr Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet Center can give no warranty of weight loss or improvement in health from the suggested dietary advice or eating program given to me.

Dr Cohen recommends that I consult my doctor before starting any diet or changing my eating habits.

The program I purchase includes 12 weeks of support – starting the day I receive the program and no later. At the end of the 12 weeks, I can purchase another 12 weeks program. I fully understand that under no circumstances I can extend these 12 weeks beyond the end date.

I understand that I might need to slow down any type of sport activity or extensive physical effort I usually conduct, during the time I am on this program.
The 12 weeks continuation program starts the next day after the previous 12 weeks program has ended.

The Re-feeding Program is included in my program only if I reach my goal weight during the 12 weeks of my program. I will need to take the repeat blood test during the 12 weeks program in order to get the re-feeding.

Sharing my program with family/friends, however good the intention will not have the same long-term results and may even is harmful to their health.
Dr Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet will, at all times, retain copyright to this program. All documentation will be provided in PDF files that can be read with free Acrobat Reader. I understand that my application for the program will be screened and may be rejected if I am found not suitable to take this program. I understand that after my blood test results are received, my file and the blood test results will be screened again and my application for the program may be rejected if I am found not suitable to take the program.

Should Dr Cohen decide, after examination of my blood test results, that I can not go on his program, I will be given a full refund if I paid already for the program. I understand that no refund is given for the costs involved with the blood tests, as these are not paid to the 1st Personal Diet.

I understand that this is an Internet program and that the communication with Dr Cohen and his team of consultants will be done via the Internet only. I understand that messages can be answered in one week. All emails will be sent to the email address I supplied on my registration form.

I hereby declare that I am not: a pregnant women, a breast-feeding mother, younger than 15, older than 62, diabetic, have a heart condition, or a full vegetarians. If I become pregnant after receiving my diet program – I will stop my program immediately and notify the 1st Personal Diet. I am aware that no refund will be available at that time or later.

I understand that my bank or credit / debit card company may apply charges / fees in addition to the cost of the diet.

My personal diet program, program guide and all other materials will be available for me to download from the Internet using free Adobe Reader only during my 12 weeks program. This information including my diet, re-feeding, guides, recipes, weights and everything else that was provided during my 12 weeks program will not be necessarily available after the last day of the 12 weeks program and I am advised to make copies of all the information during the time it is available.

I hereby approve the 1st Personal Diet, Inc. to send me emails regarding the program. All questions asked will receive a reply by a message using the Internet.