Availability :
  • Dr.Cohen 1st Personal diet is available as an Internet program with email communication with Dr. Cohen's consultants team. The 12 weeks program requires registration on this page and a blood test.

  • The blood test can be taken anywhere you want including your doctor's office with a referral letter provided by Dr. Cohen as soon as your payment for the program has been authorized. (Follow up blood test will be needed for monitoring purposes).

Costs :
  • Your personal diet program and 12-week support come at a rate of US$279. The price is converted to your currency.
The cost of your blood test are to be paid directly to the lab.
  • USA customers in 40 states may order the blood test through DLS (Quest Diagnostics) at a rate of $32.
  • Customers in South Africa receive forms for the blood test at a local pathology lab and need to check the rate for the test locally.
  • UK customers will receive forms for the blood test at TDL at a rate of £40.
  • Customers from all other countries will receive a blood test referral letter signed by Dr. Cohen.
Food :
  1. We use regular food that you can purchase at most groceries and supermarkets: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruits and crackers.No special food needs to be ordered.
Deliverables of the program :

1.  An optimized personal diet program, which is based on your information and the results of YOUR blood test. The diet is prepared personally by Dr. Cohen, the researcher and founder of this program.

  • Your personal daily menu including multiple meal options with precise weights for each food option in every meal
  • Link to your New Customer Guide with details of how to use your personal diet
  • Links to our recipe book and to Dr. Cohen’s 200-page Cookbook

2.  12 weeks of complete and full support with any issue related to your diet while following the diet program – at no extra cost. Your uninterrupted 12 weeks program will start the day you receive your program.

3.  Free updates to your diet program, if needed – based on repeat blood test results – during the 12 weeks of your program.

4.  Dr. Cohen’s unique “Re-feeding Program” to ensure the long lasting results of the diet program. The re-feeding program is made of daily eating plans and is applied when you reach your target weight – during the 12 weeks – based on your follow-up blood test results